Song of the Week: UØ ft. Lilly Ahlberg – Don’t Talk About It

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I usually try to include a photo of both artists when I’m writing about a collaboration, but in this case it was impossible – I couldn’t find any information about UØ online, let alone a pic. My best guess at their identity is to assume that the two songwriters credited with writing Don’t Talk About It, Tormod Løkling and Henrik Axel Moreborg, are in fact UØ. Interestingly, the pair have one other credit to their names according to, and it’s a former Song of the Week: the super-poptastic Raincheck by Hannah Jane Lewis. It certainly makes sense for the two songs to come from the same place – Don’t Talk About It is equally as catchy, energetic and fun as Raincheck, and just like Hannah, Lilly Ahlberg is signed to Polydor via Tileyard’s Hot Hot Recordsimprint (though the mysterious UØ are actually with Warner). 21-year-old Lilly is half Swedish, and grew up in Sweden until she moved to the UK in 2016. She released her debut solo single Bad Boys last month, and it certainly showed promise, but personally I’m hoping future tracks will be more along the lines of Don’t Talk About It.


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