Future Stars: Twin Atlantic (Red Bull Records)

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I wrote a blog post last week which discussed why I think rock and indie doesn’t appear in the singles chart anymore. Listening to Twin Atlantic’s new single Heart and Soul, and seeing them mentioned increasingly often online (outside of rock media), I wonder if they could contradict the trend. If they do, it will be due to the same reason that dance and hip-hop music dominates the charts – the novelty element. Hopefully I won’t offend my Scottish readers here, but Twin Atlantic singer Sam McTrusty's strong accent (in addition to the bouncy, anthemic sound and poppy structure – McBusted would have a hit with this) is what made the single listenable and memorable for me, as a non-rock fan. I was vaguely aware of the band by name, but knew none of their songs, so I was surprised to hear they’ve been together seven years! They’ve played big festivals, toured with huge US acts, but never made a dent in the charts. Their accumulated fanbase, plus a catchy tune, gives them the chance to change that.


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