Tweets Of The Week

There are lots of things I want to tell you about but don’t have enough to say to warrant a blog post. In those cases my first port of call is always Twitter, so I’ve decided from now on each week I will post here 5 of my most poptastic tweets of the week. Here are this week’s!

1. Daniel Bedingfield is looking for an intern!

2. Amazing – @gbyrd13 just tweeted me a picture of his B*Witched tattoo!

3. Born This Way officially gets the @Poptastic stamp of approval. Pure pop excellence!

4. Just saw @Parade supporting The Burke. They’ve come on so much since I first saw them live – very proud!

5. I love how many of the big R&B hits of the past year were produced by the same people who worked with S Club 7 and Billie.

For more pop nuggets you can follow me on Twitter, @Poptastic.

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