Tweets Of The Week

Decided to make it a top 10 this week cos I’m an egomaniac and love my own tweets!

1. So Wonderland have suddenly decided to release an EP – chickening out on the Parade vs Wonderland chart battle already!

2. This is supposed to be Tove Styrke’s first UK single – nice song but why not White Light Moment/Million Pieces?

3. Someone’s spending a lot of money on Chipmunk – his next single, out in March, will feature Keri Hilson!

4. Blue’s Eurovision song will be premiered on March 11th on the Graham Show, according to (the usually correct) @melodimen

5. Lee Ryan’s acting career goes from strength to strength

6. Is Randy being styled by The Saturdays for American Idol this year?

7. Margaret Berger is back! Hooray!!!

8. Thanks for the mention @lovemachineuk!

9. Great to hear that Alexis Jordan’s on course for a 2nd top ten hit! Good Girl has survived its similarity to Happiness after all.

10. Twitter’s amazingness strikes again – just read Cleopatra’s younger sister Terri is celebrating her birthday with Frankee Mini Viva today!


  1. The ”2011 Remake” on the EP is probably the new single. It has a harder beat than the album version and is much more suitable for radio. Still it doesn’t have the same hit potential as White Light Moment in my opinion.

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