Song of the Week: Tula – Another Kind of Red

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Spotify can be a brilliant place to discover new music, but you have to skip through a lot of generic, half-hearted electro-pop to find a gem. Luckily, this does mean it’s easy for those special songs to stand out. That’s exactly what happened with Another Kind of Red. I had never heard of Tula, but was excited by this track as it reminded me of several of my most beloved Swedish artists, including Hello Saferide and Robyn. It turns out that not only is Tula a Swedish band (though they’re based in Berlin), but the song is actually produced by Robyn’s regular collaborator Klas Åhlund, who worked on many of her best songs (Be Mine!, Handle Me, Call Your Girlfriend etc.). His influence is very evident, but Another Kind of Red also has a distinct identity which gives me great hope for Tula’s future. You may know their previous single Riveror their Wicked Game cover, but this new release signifies a step in a much more promising, poptastic direction.

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