Top 10 Popstar T-Shirts

Before popstars had Twitters and Facebooks they needed other outlets to express their opinions and sense of humour. One of the best ways was on a t-shirt, and sometimes a cleverly timed t-shirt can create a pop culture moment all of its own. Here are some of my favourites:

1. Bjork – Moomins!!!

2. Robyn – Ice Cream is Gonna Save The Day

3. Jamelia – Tears For Spears

4. Nicola Roberts – Love Is In The Hair

5. Madonna – Kylie Minogue

6. Tinie Tempah – sparkly zebra

7. Marina Diamandis – Livin’ La Vida Sofa

8. Frankie Saturdays – Pugs Not Drugs

9. Christina Aguilera – Autotune is for Pussies

10. John Mayer – Mr Douchebag (points for accuracy!)

Thanks to Mike (who has just started a new blog himself) for his help with this post!


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