Top 10 Party In The Park Performances

1. Darren Hayes – Popular

Darren takes the top spot for unveiling his fabulous new single and proper buffness to the general public and doing another excellent rendition of this and his other tracks. It’s just a shame Popular wasn’t shown on TV, I only heard it on the radio.

2. Will Young – Your Game

It was great to see Will showing off some new dance routines at the start and I am pleased I haven’t heard any comments about the extreme gayness of it. Your Game is such a great live track, but all 4 of his songs were really good today and he seems to feature in lots of people’s favourites. I was very proud to see him sat next to Prince Charles at the end too and I bet Charles was pleased to see as he is know to be a big fan. Let’s hope he didn’t catch Will’s masturbation joke earlier in the day…

3. Anastacia – Sick And Tired

I’m not a huge Anastacia fan, but she does have a brilliant voice and she seems like a really fun and nice person, if a bit mad! This is probably my favourite of her songs so I hope it does well.

4. The Calling – London Calling

An inspired choice by The Calling, combining their band name and the place they were in the title of the song. Their albums are a bit boring but they’ve done some great singles so I’m very much in favour of The Calling. Plus Alex is looking cuter than ever!

5. Beverly Knight – Come As You Are

This deserves to be the biggest hit of her career so far cos it’s by far the best single. She’s a brilliant singer and did a really good job on stage today. I can’t wait to see her do even better with her next single Keep This Fire Burning, which is all kinds of ace.

6. Sugababes – Hole In The Head

The ‘Babes set was a bit dull I must say, but they seemed to brighten up when singing this track. They looked pretty good (even Mutya was quite classy) and seemed quite happy together in the interview.

7. Jamelia – Superstar

Another that was criminally not shown on TV but it sounded fab on the radio and I felt rather proud of her as she has come so far this year – I bet she never dreamed she’d be in the royal box at PITP!

8. Nelly Furtado – Forca

As I said yesterday this is the perfect song for big concerts and today’s crowd was even bigger. I think she was better yesterday though – the DJ’s mixing seemed to put her off a bit.

9. McFly – That Girl

Didn’t like this track much at first but with more listens it’s very catchy and would be an ideal 3rd single if they don’t go for their very best track Room On The 3rd Floor. They were so cute and bouncy and Tom and Danny seem like such nice, normal boys that I definitely prefer them to Busted. I loved the “Undo your McFlies!” sign in the audience!

10. Lemar – I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Believe it or not Lemar is the first FA graduate to play PITP, so it was quite an exciting moment for the FA addict in me. I love his version of the Darkness hit from 2003 – much better than the rubbish rockers ever did it.

Special mentions go to Natasha Bedingfield – These Words, Lenny Kravitz – California and Lionel Richie for Dancing On The Ceiling, which was heaps of fun. Overall I enjoyed most of the performances, there was a good selection and it was nice to see some of the people I saw yesterday a bit closer up this time.

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