Future Stars: Tobias Jesso Jr (True Panther)

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Not many artists can announce a world tour at the same time as premiering their second single, especially when their first single didn’t go anywhere near the charts. But Tobias Jesso Jr is launching his career with confidence, and it is warranted. In the current sea of new male singer-songwriters Tobias stands out because he doesn’t seem so bothered about being cool, even though his music has actually been produced by a bunch of indie hipsters (they get everywhere these days). His sound is more classic than most of his contemporaries, with no quirky production. Instead, his music is piano-led, with vocals and songwriting that have been compared to Paul McCartney. The Canadian singer’s videos are equally simple yet effective. Adele popped her head out of hibernation to tweet about How Could You Babe last week, while Tom Odell directed his followers to Hollywood – perhaps a mistake in the latter’s case, as Tobias will surely soon be taking his place as the favoured piano balladeer of the music scene.



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