This Must Be Pop Live: Introducing The Jess Hall Band

One of the acts performing at the first ever This Must Be Pop Live on 15th Nov is The Jess Hall Band. They are a group of Wiltshire teenagers including singer Jess and her band, Stefan, Alex and Andy, and their song Play Shy is currently the BBC Introducing song of the week on the Radio 1 playlist! I did a little Q&A with Jess to get to know a bit more about them…

For those who haven’t heard of you before, can you sum up The Jess Hall Band in 5 words?

Young, acoustic-ish, best-mates, folky-popish-indie (I’ve merged all that into one word), fresh!

If you become huge famous popstars in 2012, what will you buy your mums for Christmas?

Jess – Mum would be happy with a candle that smells nice or something, dad however would definitely request a big ol’ boat that goes really fast!

Stef – A house pig. It’s a pig, that lives in your house.

Alex – A house, straight up.

Andy – According to Jess, he’d probably completely forget to buy anything for Christmas regardless of how much money he had!

What is your favourite song in the charts at the moment?

I’m really liking Charlene Soraia’s cover of Wherever You Will Go, s’pretty nice! I think we all agree that we are loving everything Ben Howard’s putting out there!!!

If you could have one famous person to star in your next music video, who would it be and why?

Karl Pilkington from An Idiot Abroad! He’d refuse to do anything but stand there and look grumpy, but that would be the beauty of it hahaha, would be too funny.

What can we expect from your set at This Must Be Pop Live?

Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and hopefully you’ll go away humming a tune of ours! Hope you like us!

For more details on This Must Be Pop Live click here.

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