This Must Be Pop Live: Introducing The Face

It’s just over a week now til This Must Be Pop Live! One of the performers who I know have got lots of you intrigued is The Face, so I asked them a few questions to find out more about this ace new pop trio:

For those who don’t know you already, can you describe The Face in five words?

Francine: Lips, eyes, nose, cheekbones, lashes… kidding.

Tamer: Singers from out of space.

Christie: Always expect the unexpected!

Why did you decide to go over to Sweden to record your music?

T: Working with Anders Hanson, Le Kid and Alexander Bard of Army of Lovers is a good enough reason to travel to the moon.

F: Our music is quite melodically led and we don’t really write to genre. I think a lot of Swedish artists work in the same way – just creating brilliant songs first, without being hemmed into one style. We’re big fans of Anders Hansson and Le Kid for that very reason, so the chance to write with them was phenomenal. When we heard that Alexander Bard was interested in working with us as well – that was pretty emotional. We could be Army of Lovers’ illegitimate children.

C: They always say things come in threes.

Two of you studied at The Brit School – did you have classes with anyone who’s now a big star?

F: I didn’t actually major in music. I studied it as my minor course and majored in media. I think Tamer remembers seeing Amy Winehouse but I was too busy being a nerd.

T: I studied Theatre, one of my teachers was the real Mr. Muscle (loves the jobs you hate).

Which female pop icon would you choose and why: Britney, Gaga or Beyoncé?

C: Beyoncé, she is always flawless in her vocals and performance. What artist doesn’t strive for the same thing!

T: Beyoncé – brilliant singer, and most anyone that makes an album about their alter ego is good with me!

F: I went to a Britney concert once and the theatrics were great, but Beyoncé would have to win because of vocal performance.You know you’d be entertained at either her arena show with props and costumes, or just sitting at her kitchen table.

What can we expect from your performance at This Must Be Pop Live?

C: Fabulash outfits and great songs.

T: Expect…

F: The unexpected.

Click here to find out more about This Must Be Pop Live and here to check out The Face on Facebook.

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