This Must Be Pop Live in tweets!

A full review of last night’s This Must Be Pop Live will be coming later, but for now I thought I’d post some of the tweets that summarised the amazing night of performances!

Me (@Poptastic): Just arrived at The Workshop. 2 and a half hours til we open!

Me at 6.30pm: @theofficialame is soundchecking. What a great voice!

@Jon_Roc: @thefacetheband sounding ace and looking fab!

@RandomFurlong: Highlight of #tmbplive: the buzz for @theofficialAME. Packed out. I couldn’t see her but she sounded AMAZING.

@TheOfficialAME: Just came off stage, really buzzing good luck to @iamqueenofheart performing next 🙂 xx

@Jon_Roc: Like A Drug is the best @iamqueenofheart song so far!

@IamQueenofHeart: My amazing @rionatreacy dress from tonight’s show

@GingerandLoud: I’m basically incredibly proud of pop music right now. @theofficialAME @iamqueenofheart @thefacetheband

@TheFaceTheBand: Wow what a night! #tmbplive #HumongousHappyFace

@TheOfficialAME: Such an amazing night, thank you so much for all the love and hello new followers 🙂

@IamQueenofHeart: Had the most amazing night, thanks to all who came down!

Me: Recovering from a brilliant #tmbplive last night, now back to work on the next one!

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