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Future Stars

Wings is a brilliant pop track which I am certain will be one of the biggest songs of the summer… but I'm still a bit disappointed. Much like What Makes You Beautiful, it's so perfectly calculated for the band and their audience that it becomes more of a product than a song. I have endless admiration for a clever pop marketing campaign, but Syco have gotten so clever recently it kind of takes the fun out of following their bands for me. I hope they'll take a few more risks or pull something unexpected out of the bag for the next single, as that would get me 100% on board instead of just passively impressed.
The artists signed to RedOne's record label 2101, such as Porcelain Black and Midnight Red, have seen little success so far, but Australian DJ-turned-singer Havana Brown is breaking the trend. Her single We Run The Night, which was a top 5 hit in Australia, was re-produced by RedOne for its U.S. release through 2101, with a feature from Pitbull. It soon reached no.1 on the Billboard dance chart and is the 16th most played track on U.S. radio this week. It's very generic dance-pop with a catchy chorus, so its U.K. success will depend on whether the big radio stations support it, which I think is very likely.

I don't usually include unsigned acts in Future Pop, but these guys will definitely interest anyone who was a pop fan in the early '00s. Relics are a boyband with instruments, managed by the same people behind Busted and McFly. Another interesting fact is that lead singer Jake Roche has a rather famous family – his mum is Coleen Nolan and his dad is Shane Ritchie! They haven't put any original songs online yet as the group is still in development, but posted their first YouTube video this week, a well-chosen acoustic cover of Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown. I'm excited to see what happens with these guys as they have huge potential.

Future Hits

My playlist for this week features five uplifting tracks for summer 2012:
  • Alicia Keys – New Day
  • Oceana – Endless Summer
  • Trey Songz – Simply Amazing
  • Madeon – Finale
  • Scouting For Girls – Summertime In The City
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