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Pop Talent

I recently started up a new blog called Pop Talent which may interest you if you're an up-and-coming singer, band, artist manager, or just a pop geek like me! It's full of advice and opportunities for talented pop artists looking for their big break. Check it out here and follow the blog on Twitter.

Future Stars

Cimorelli are a group of American teenage sisters who have a huge following on YouTube (over 148 million views!) and are signed to Island Records and British music management company Turn First Artists. They're not very polished but have an “every girl” charm which could be a huge success with teenage girls if they're marketed well. They released an EP late last year featuring some of their most popular Glee-esque covers and an original track called Million Bucks. They wrote the song completely by themselves, only having help on the production from a little-known producer. That may sound like a recipe for disaster, but actually it's a really good song! I look forward to hearing more originals from them.
Natt is the son of Paul Weller and the boyfriend of actress-turned-overly-made-up-rocker Taylor Momsen, but oddly it's the latter connection that seems to have had more influence on his musical style. I think his celebrity connections will make it difficult for him to be taken seriously in the rock world, and his style of music isn't commercially popular at the moment. His taster single Make It Louder is repetitive and unoriginal. However, his backstory is interesting enough to get him more attention than most new artists and according to a recent interview he is in talks with Universal, with chairman David Joseph apparently interested in signing him.
There are many contestants from TV talent shows who have gone on to international success more despite than because of how they made their name, but Matt Corby may be the one who sounds least like a talent show star of any I've ever heard. Rather than the “imitation indie” of others such as Credibility Cardle or Matt Corby's fellow Australian Idol alumnus Lisa Mitchell, Matt's current single Brother actually stands a good chance of not just convincing indie fans to overlook his past but even earning him some commercial success. It's a well-written song with incredibly powerful vocals. I've listened to it three times in a row already and it's far from my usual taste, so that's got to be a good sign!

Future Hits

Here are 5 songs by UK acts that I think are going to be hits:
  • Tulisa – We Are Young
  • Paloma Faith – Picking Up The Pieces
  • Modestep – Show Me A Sign
  • Keane – Disconnected
  • StooShe – Black Heart
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  1. Cimorelli's producer for “Million Bucks” is not little-known, he's a 3xGrammy-winner… and also, the single reached #6 on the itunes charts without any promoting besides spreading the word on social media by themselves and their fans!

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