Song of the Week: This is the Kit – By My Demon Eye

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I’ve recently taken to listening to Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist in full every week, and it’s introduced me to some great songs that I never would have heard otherwise, such as Wonder by Blackmagic and this new track by British folk act This is the Kit. Don’t be put off by folk – By My Demon Eye is actually a very sweet, unique and interesting pop song. This is the Kit is the alias of British singer Kate Stables, a fave of 6 Music who has been working under that name since 2003. By My Demon Eye comes from her album Moonshine Freeze, released last month. It’s all very twee, but the unusual use of African language and the various different sections of the song prevent it from being too introspective or annoying. The line “Tako takoti o takoti sman yamba takoti” translates as “Boil boil water boil, let the liar be boiled,” and comes from an African folk story about a tortoise and a rabbit, where both animals were boiled to find out which one was lying (don’t try this at home).

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