There’s a new girlband in town!

Here’s what Google knows about them so far:

1. They’re called WooWoos. There doesn’t seem to be a The involved.
2. One of the members is Tasie Dhanraj, a 19-year-old actress from the Nickelodeon kids’ show House of Anubis.
3. Another member is Nicky Mac, also 19, who has been singing with rather good dance group Cicada – here’s her MySpace.
4. The third member is Jessica Martin-Campbell, age 21. She’s not famous for anything, as far as I can tell.
5. This post suggests they are signed to Island Records.
6. They are the brainchild of Steve Morton, Jo Whiley’s husband, who also happens to be the man behind another young girlband, Soundgirl.
7. There’s no music online yet, but Tasie’s Wikipedia page calls them a “rock and roll band”. I’m expecting something along the lines of The Faders. You can hear a tiny clip here.
8. They recently recorded the video for their debut single, Fizzy Lettuce. Sounds… interesting! It’s going to be released as a 7″, bizarrely.
9. They’ve been working with songwriters including John Fortis (Ellie Goulding, Cocknbullkid) and Ruth-Anne Cunningham (Pixie Lott, JoJo).
10. They’re going to be playing at Bestival in September. Hopefully they’ll do a London gig before that so I can go and investigate.

Here’s a picture:

Check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter: Nicky, Jessica and Tasie.


  1. I know WooWoos! They are nothing like the faders haha think more Massive attack, they are not Rock n Roll regardless of what wikipedia says, they are more dark pop although all three do play instruments as far as I know

  2. they are so cool i love them already they wrote their some of their album in New York (myhometown) with the guy who done the first Massive Attack album check it out on their facebook! oh and it says on their facebook Nicky and Jessica are also 19! :s

  3. Yeah I know they did the album in Brooklyn with the Massive attack guy (from Tasie's tweets) and I am pretty sure Peter Doherty played guitar on a few of their tracks. I am excited for an actual genuinely cool group of girls on the music scene, we haven't had this since All saints

  4. I met Tasie's boyfriend- Max McElligott the other day in Brighton, he is also a musician in a band

  5. They are soo cool!! I love them. My cousin knows a bassist that went to music college with them!!
    I heard they did one session with that Ruth-ann person you mentioned and it didnt work out coz WooWoos refused to write about boyfriends and pop! SOOO COOOL!!!!!!!!

    Cant wait! FINALLY we gettng a group that writes their own material and is actually musicians- time bring some respect to girl bands!

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