Review: This Must Be Pop Live featuring The Woowoos, Luke Bingham and A*M*E

Big thanks to everyone who came to This Must Be Pop Live on Tuesday and made it another fun, busy and very poptastic night! Here’s what went on:

First on stage were The Woowoos, and considering it was only their second ever performance as a group it was very impressive! Their look and sound brought back memories of All Saints and early Sugababes, but what really stood out was their vocals. All four members could hold their own and when they stripped it back for a more simple ballad you could really hear how talented these girls are.

Next up was Luke Bingham, only the second ever male solo artist we’ve had at This Must Be Pop Live, and he travelled down from Leicester especially for us. His songs were mostly R&B ballads but he ended on his fun, catchy new single Gemini, which he clearly loved performing.

Finally, the night’s headliner was A*M*E, who played her first gig at TMBP Live in March! She’s come along so much since then, and all the potential we saw has been fulfilled. She’s a fun, charismatic performer with lots of personality and, most importantly, great songs! We heard a few new ones, including a track called Stacey which has a 90s dance-pop sound and should definitely be a future single.

Thanks to Emmie and David for their help on the night, Luke and Dave for compering and Jon for the photos. You can see loads more pics on This Must Be Pop’s Facebook page. The gig was also being filmed for CBBC’s VIP People so you’ll probably see me doing some awkward dancing on there very soon.

So, that’s it for This Must Be Pop Live this year! I can’t believe it’s now been going a whole year. I still can’t believe people even turned up for the first one, but the crowd’s getting bigger each time and I hope that will continue with more exciting new acts in 2013. And if you can’t wait til then for your next taste of pop fun, come along to next week’s Pop Industry Meetup at LVPO Bar. Hope to see you there!

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