The Voice UK: My Predictions

Since finding out about the original Dutch version of The Voice I’ve been fascinated by this new talent show format. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first US series which finished this week. Now I absolutely cannot wait for the UK version, first to find out who the judges will be (since they have to sing live almost every week, I’d guess it’s not going to be the rumoured Cheryl Cole or Dannii Minogue!) and second to see the singers who appear in the line-up of contestants. Considering I knew two of the US finalists (Dia from Meg and Dia, and Frenchie from American Idol) I’m sure there’ll be many familiar faces among the UK wannabes. Here are my top 10 guesses for who might enter:

1. Cleo from Cleopatra
2. David Jordan
3. Javine
4. Phoebe from Girls Can’t Catch
5. Thomas Jules Stock
6. Maria Lawson
7. Amy Studt
8. Leon Jean Marie
9. Laura White
10. Kele Le Roc

If any of these appear I shall obviously be expecting a casting credit! Leave your ideas for who you think we might see auditioning for The Voice UK below or tweet me @poptastic.

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