Unsigned Month: Introducing The Vamps

It’s the last week of Unsigned Month! Here’s a new group I only discovered a few weeks ago, but will be following closely: teen boy trio The Vamps. They’re signed to Prestige Management, along with Relics who I featured last week, and the first thing you will notice is that the lead singer Bradley looks like a mini Harry Styles. Always a good recipe for success, as George from Union J can attest.

Each of the band members has their own successful YouTube channel (Brad alone has had over 500,000 views) and now they’ve joined together their fanbases have combined, resulting in very strong numbers on all their social networks, including nearly 2 million YouTube views. They haven’t posted any original material yet, but already have thousands of dedicated fans, proving (as if we didn’t know) that youth, cuteness and good online marketing is much more important than the music. If you do want to hear an original song, here’s an acoustic performance that just happened to take place outside Sony, in front of a group of girls waiting for One Direction. It’s very good.


If you love The Vamps, come back in the last week of October to vote for them as the best UK unsigned pop act. You can also sign up to my Future Pop mailing list to receive all the Unsigned Month featured artists by email!


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