The Return of Extreme Kevin Borg Appreciation Mania

In case you’re new to this blog, I will inform you: Kevin Borg won Idol 2008 in Sweden, and he is utterly adorable (like a Maltese David Archuleta) and highly poptastic. He’s got a new single out, Street Lights, and the album, The Beginning, is out on Wednesday! Street Lights isn’t very original, but he does a good job with it, and hopefully the album will be of at least this standard throughout. I am a little worried that it has been rushed out without a thought for staying true to Kevin’s extreme poptasticness, but he can always make a better 2nd album (like Ola), and we have Alice’s album to wait for as well, which is sure to be brilliant. You can listen to Street Lights here, and pre-order your copy of The Beginning here.

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