The Next Big Thing?

It pains me to be so negative about a new up and coming British act who I’m sure is working really hard and doesn’t deserve to be brought down, but I honestly cannot fathom how this guy has been signed to a major label. Is he related to the boss or something? MYTOYBOX (actually a bloke called Matt) is doing the ‘bedroom electro’ sound that was officially over the moment Owl City got to no.1, and he’s not even doing it well. He has a few reasonably enjoyable (but highly unoriginal) dance-pop tracks on his MySpace, but new single Invincible is almost impressively awful. It’s like a football chant put to music found on a home recording programme that cost about £10. With so much fantastic electro-pop around at the moment it saddens me that something like this gets a chance while far better similar acts go completely unnoticed.
Hit potential: 10% Poptasticness: 32%

Emeli Sandé
Even if you’ve never heard of Emeli Sandé you’ve probably heard her voice as she seems to be the number one choice of female featured vocalist for UK urban music at the moment. Emeli has made appearances on tracks by Chipmunk, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Magnetic Man and Wiley but it will surprise no-one that my interest was only peaked when I heard that she was working with pop legend Miranda Cooper on her forthcoming debut album. Emeli has a distinctive jazzy tone to her voice, and live performances on YouTube show that she’s a very talented singer. The most similar act I can think of is Rox, but Emeli definitely has her own sound and I’m excited to see how it will turn out when combined with Miranda’s highly contrasting musical style. I have a feeling they could come out with something pretty amazing.
Hit potential & Poptasticness unknown until we hear more!


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