The Next Big Thing: an A-Z of 2010 – Part 6

The last part, finally!

The new… Amy Winehouse
I’m still slightly unsure if Rox is a girl or a band, but I’m fairly Rox is the name of the girl who sings My Baby Left Me and other similar but not quite as good songs. That’s no criticism, by the way – My Baby Left Me is just really good, and I’m very pleased to hear that it’s going to be the next single. It’s kind of old news to me as it was a year or two ago when I first heard it, but I’m not bored of it yet and I look forward to hearing it a lot more over the next few months.
Poptasticness: 76% Hit potential: 85%

Sky Ferreira
The new… Amy Studt
Sky Ferreira is a name that has come up frequently over the last couple of years, but she’s yet to really do anything. Her MySpace has a collection of promising but not spectacular kooky electro-pop, yet she has said that her best work is being kept secret for a big reveal once she is fully prepared for the world to see who she is. I’m already getting an annoying impression of her thinking she’s a lot cooler than she is, but nonetheless I’m interested to see what she comes out with.
Poptasticness: 78% Hit potential: 60%

The Good Natured
The new… Imogen Heap
With the recent obsession with quirky female popsters, it’s surprising that more fuss hasn’t been made about The Good Natured. I’m sad to say it could well be cos she couldn’t be mistaken for Catherine Zeta, Shakira or anyone similar. She’s 10 times cooler and more interesting than any of them, though, and songs such as Your Body is a Machine and Mysterious Eyes are absolutely brilliant. Let’s make 2010 the year when this talented young lady gets the recognition she deserves, please.
Poptasticness: 87% Hit potential: 57%

Two Door Cinema Club
The new… We are Scientists
TDCC’s music has a hint of the radio-friendly indie-pop that was popular a few years ago (Wombats, Scouting For Girls etc – but luckily not quite as annoying), combined with the more current electro-pop style, so they have a very good chance of success. They’re made for Radio 1 weekday afternoon shows, the kind of song they’ll play every day for a month and you’ll still be unable to remember what the band is called. If they can get enough people to remember their name in order to buy the single, they could do very well. If they release the brilliant Something Good Can Work, they’ll do even better.
Poptasticness: 53% Hit potential: 89%

Vita Chambers
The new… Fefe Dobson
I’m excited about Vita’s upcoming album because there seems to be no ambition of coolness here – she’s pure pop and great fun. Young Money sounds like a mixture of Tik Tok and SOS (Let The Music Play). It’s production line pop, but I have no problem with that, and as long as she keeps up the quality it won’t cause Vita any problems either. She’s from Barbados, so it’s no suprise she’s being lumped in with Shontelle and Livvi Franc as Rihanna wannabes but Vita is more rock-pop – the only Rihanna song she might sing would be Shut Up and Drive. I don’t know if her music is strong or fresh enough to do as well as Rihanna, but it’s catchy and fun so with good marketing she could be huge.
Poptasticness: 83% Hit potential: 68%

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