The Next Big Thing: an A-Z of 2010 – Part 3

The new… Frankmusik
Example may be a white rapper, but luckily he is not quite annoying enough to be considered the British Eminem. In fact, his music could hardly be classed as hip-hop – it’s just dance music with Example providing the singing and rapping. As such he’s quite an interesting prospect, especially considering the recent popularity of cross-breeding rap and dance music. I’m not particularly impressed by anything I’ve heard yet, though.
Poptasticness: 40% Hit potential: 57%

Fabio Lendrum
The new… Calvin Harris
I was very excited to discover Fabio in 2009 as I knew instantly that his songs had the potential to be huge hits. He’s still quite unknown at the moment but I hope we’ll see him fulfilling that potential in 2010. He hasn’t been mentioned in any ‘next big thing’ lists so far as the promotional push hasn’t begun for Fabio at all, which suggests he won’t be releasing anything for a few months yet.
Poptasticness: 90% Hit potential: 89%

The new… Los Campesinos!
It’s a shame I never heard of Foxes! when I lived in Brighton, where they are based, as there was a definite drought of ace local bands since The Pipettes and Bat For Lashes made it big. You might think Foxes! are just a typical indie-pop group, and they probably don’t have what it takes to be superstars, but they do what they do extremely well and I’ll definitely have them on my ‘to see’ list for this year’s Great Escape festival, where I’m sure they’ll be performing.
Poptasticness: 77% Hit potential: 23%

The new… Lorraine
As any pop addict will know, Hurts have been around for a while under the name of Daggers, but I was quite underwhelmed by everything I heard from them. I was therefore very surprised to find them being touted as ones to watch in the last few months. When I went back to listen again to their debut single, I enjoyed it a little more and was excited that a band of this style are getting attention. I’m not quite sure how they managed it, but I think it’s one of those things we just don’t question and enjoy while it lasts!
Poptasticness: 74% Hit potential: 80%

I Blame Coco
The new… Sting mixed with Natasha Bedingfield
She may not want to trade on her heritage, but still the fact that Coco Sumner is Sting’s daughter is the first thing everybody is going to find out about her. Without it, it’s likely she wouldn’t be making music with some of the coolest people in pop. This includes Swedish genius Klas Ahlund, who produced Robyn’s last album. Robyn even appears on Coco’s first single, and it is quite enjoyable but I’m certainly not overwhelmed by love for her so far. Her music is pleasant and interesting, but I’d like to see a little more sparkle and personality.
Poptasticness: 65% Hit potential: 38%

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