The Next Big Thing: an A to Z of 2010

I really enjoyed putting together my A-Z last year, as it gave me a chance to talk about some of my favourite new acts as well as pass judgement on those that everyone and their gran had heralded as the next big thing. Therefore I’ve decided to do it again for 2010. Over the next few days (or weeks – it depends how motivated I’m feeling!) you can read my thoughts on all the acts either I or other wannabe psychics are predicting to be big in 2010.

First, let’s take a look back at last year and see how I did! I correctly predicted that Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott, Lady GaGa and Florence & the Machine would be the stars of 2009, that Daniel Merryweather, Little Boots, White Lies, Shontelle, Metro Station and La Roux would do quite well, and that Boy Crisis, Gary Go, Alex Roots, Love Grenades, Micropops, The Yeah Yous and The Jessie Rose Trip (among many more) wouldn’t quite make the grade – keep trying, guys (except Alex and Gary, they’re rubbish)!

However, Emmy the Great and Janelle Monae sadly continued to go pretty much unnoticed, and I did overestimate Dan Black, Kid British, Passion Pit and Empire of the Sun a little bit. I also mentioned 3 acts, Fenech-Soler, The Sound of Arrows and Marina and the Diamonds, who might just finally have the success they deserve in 2010. My biggest achievement was giving Lady GaGa a success rate of 100% – she did indeed go to become the international superstar of 2009 and was behind the year’s most memorable pop hits. Overall I think I did a very good job of predicting the stars of 2009, with only a few embarrassing errors. Part 1 of my A-Z is coming up soon, so let’s see if I can continue my success rate for another year!

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