The Next Big Thing?

Tove Styrke
Yippee! At last the coolest teenage girl on the planet has a single out. Tove was fantastic on Idol 2009, and I knew her music after the show would be great. I was right – she’s turned into Robyn with a hint of Lykke Li! Go and listen to Million Pieces now because you’ll want to know about it when everyone is obsessed with it in a few weeks’ time. To me, she’s what Florrie should be and maybe will be, but so far definitely isn’t. Million Pieces is undoubtedly going to be a huge hit in Sweden and I could easily see her success crossing over to other countries, although they’ll probably need to hide the Idol connection if she wants the UK to get on board.
Hit potential: 90% Poptasticness: 94%

Alex Winston
Another pretty young female singer who also sounds a lot like Lykke Li is Alex Winston, and I’m very excited about her arrival on the music scene too! From the music I’ve heard so far, she reminds me of Regina Spektor but I already like her more. She’s got a bit more strength to her voice – she can do cute and twee but she’s got a spark about her as well. I can’t even choose a favourite cos every song I’ve heard by her so far has been ace in a different way, although they’re all within the cute quirky-pop boundary. If you like quirky-pop girl singers at all in the slightest then definitely give Alex a listen!
Hit potential: 73% Poptasticness: 90%


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