The Next Big Thing?

Jasmine Villegas
If you put all of today’s popstars in a mixing bowl and made a cake, it would come out the oven with Jasmine Villegas’ face on it. She somehow manages to sound like Rihanna and Justin Bieber at the same time. I’ve heard her name around quite a lot recently but for some reason only now looked into what she’s all about. She has been on tour with the Bieber and even stars as his love interest in Baby, so she’s one of many new teen artists who are trying to piggyback on his success at the moment. However, her new single All These Boys is a fun, catchy song and although I can’t really imagine it being a massive hit, I like her general vibe and I think she has potential to grow into a great pop artist. She’s 17 so she’s still got time.
Poptasticness: 76% Hit potential: 52%

Rizzle Kicks
I’m not sure if I’d say that I like Rizzle Kicks’ music, but once I started watching their video for Down With The Trumpets I couldn’t turn it off. They’re a duo of 18 year old boys from Brighton, and they certainly are very Brightonian. I suppose technically they are rappers but their music is so light and jolly it wouldn’t sit comfortably alongside your typical rap music. They’ll appeal more to fans of The Midnight Beast than fans of Tinie Tempah. They’re very trendy boys but in a Skins kind of way rather than overly pretentious. The raps are funny and very ‘now’, while the singer actually has a really nice voice. They seem to have been pretty quiet lately (no gigs for ages) but I’ve heard they’ve been signed to Island, and they’ve started updating their websites more frequently recently so hopefully this means there are some big plans underway.
Poptasticness: 73% Hit potential: 67%

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