The Next Big Thing?

The Struts
I heard about The Struts signing to Gary Barlow’s label Future Records last week and managed to track down their Facebook, where there was no music to be listened to and they had just posted about their first ever gig, which is tomorrow. This suggested that it would be quite a while until The Struts would be releasing anything, so I was very surprised to be browsing YouTube today and discover that their first music video is out! As the band members’ haircuts make very clear, they’re a 60s influenced band, and the lead singer’s bizarre face does put him in the Mick Jagger category, but I wouldn’t bet on The Struts reaching anywhere near The Rolling Stones’ level of success. They’ll get attention for being different, and they certainly are more interesting than your average indistinct indie band, but their style feels a bit forced and unnatural. I could imagine fashion going their way though (more and more boys are getting the Rod Stewart cut lately), so they might benefit simply from being in the right place at the right time.
Poptasticness: 51% Hit potential: 57%

Jacob Latimore
I’m sure Jacob’s going to be called ‘the black Bieber’ but I already love him way more than JB. He’s so much more likeable and charismatic, for starters. As soon as his video started playing I couldn’t help but smile. The song is just so cute and bouncy and Jacob smiles and dances enthusiastically throughout. That’s what I want in a popstar! I can definitely see Like ‘Em All being a hit if it’s given a good promotional push. It sounds like a Biebified version of Single Ladies. You should also check out the version of Never Can Say Goodbye which he sang with his brothers in a Jackson 5-esque moment, which shows what a talented singer he is. And he’s only 14 years old – amazing! But to be fair, he could sing totally out of tune and with his cute smile and catchy single I’d be a fan anyway. Whatever happens with this single I can say with great confidence that this is just the beginning of a very exciting career ahead for Jacob.
Poptasticness: 75% Hit potential: 88%

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