If you buy this record your life will be better!

I was all ready to pay out loads of kronas to import Robyn‘s new album, especially when I heard she’d been working with Teddybears Sthlm on it, but I just thought I’d check CD Wow in case by some miracle they had the CD and, amazingly, they did! For just £8.75! So any of you trying to interpret Swedish in order to get hold of a copy of the album, which includes a ballad called Robot Boy, stop now and get yourself to www.cd-wow.com! If you’re unsure go first to www.robyn.com to listen to clips of the whole album and watch the acetastic video for Be Mine. CD Wow also have the excellent 2005 Melodifestivalen CD for a very reasonable (well, the cheapest you’re gonna find it right now!) £12.99. Wow!

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