The Hits That Never Were: An A-Z

Marit Bergman – Adios Amigos (2004)

You may think I’m just a pure pop girl but actually when it comes to Swedish music I love the indie-pop just as much as the Rix FM fodder. This rawkus duet between Marit and a fellow Swedish indie-popper, Cecilia Nordlund, is one of the best examples, with brilliant lyrics and infectious ohoh-ohohs. Marit is Swedish indie-pop royalty and has a great back-catalogue which is definitely worth investigating if you like the sound of Adios Amigos. Other recommendations include No Party and I Will Always Be Your Soldier.

Bertine Zetlitz – Ah-Ah (2004)

If you like Annie and Margaret Berger, meet their fellow Norwegian quirky pop princess. Bertine makes quite cool electro-pop but still has plenty of catchy tunes. Ah-Ah was produced by Fred Ball (aka Pleasure) who has since worked with everyone from Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Little Boots to Pixie Lott and JLS. I can imagine Ah-Ah being on one of Madonna’s recent albums, and it would have been a stand-out track. Bertine’s been quite quiet recently but hopefully she’ll be back soon!

Kate Earl – All I Want (2009)

Sometimes an artist comes along whose music is so excellent I can’t imagine how they could not be a success, and in some cases those artists are put in front of the public and the public inexplicably say no, but in others the artist gets so little support from their label that they are never even given the chance to be judged. Kate Earl is such an artist, and her 2009 self-titled album is one of my favourites of recent years. All I Want is only one example of the beautiful, moving music it contains.


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