The Gossip

I’ve decided to start up a new occasional feature on This Must Be Pop, sharing some of the interesting gossip I pick up on my travels around Planet Pop. Nothing malicious, just fun!

  • This week I’ve heard that the following pop stars are nice: Little Mix, Mohombi, Jamie from One True Voice. I also met the brothers from Twenty Twenty who were much nicer than their music (sorry boys), and Michael Kiwanuka who seemed very friendly.
  • Pop stars I’ve heard aren’t so nice this week: Cher Lloyd (but I still love her!), Janet Devlin, Daniel from One True Voice. Luckily, I haven’t met any not nice pop stars this week.
    • Swedish pop fans may soon have a new fave British band. The Face (formerly Pandering and the Golddiggers) have been working with Anders Hansson and Alexander Bard this week, and they’ve been hanging out with Le Kid! I’m sooo jealous!!
    • At last week’s Showcase Live I got mistaken for a member of ace girlband Parade, and was even made to have my picture taken with this very confused lady. I think she must have had quite a few drinks!

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