The Gossip

Here’s this week’s fun (not malicious!) gossip picked up on my travels around Planet Pop…

  • Spotted: Parade chatting to Oh My! after their gig at The 100 Club. Can we have a girlband supergroup collaboration please?
  • I went to a showcase for ropey new mixed band NVS on Thursday. They were introduced by Liz McClarnon and in the audience I saw Michelle Heaton, her HUGE baby bump and Lemar from afar (well, a few metres away).
  • Pop fact: Lemar has a personalised numberplate.
  • I’ve heard from a few sources now that Britain’s Got Talent are looking for some good pop groups for next year’s series. A pop group has never been launched from BGT before (only soloists have seen success) – will it happen in 2012?
  • The manager who brought Blue into the pop world is launching a new act called Luminites who aren’t signed yet but look pretty promising. Check out their video All Dressed Up and let me know what you think!

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