The DP Awards 2009!

I realise I completely forgot to do this last year, but in the years before I always did my own version of the Brits, usually because I was so disgusted with the results. By now I am so used to that being the case, that tonight when Best Single was given to its deserving winner (at least out of those nominated), Girls Aloud, I was ecstatic. It was such a shock! Then again, ITV audience + ITV’s new big star (Cheryl)… I suppose it does make sense. However, that was just one award, and every other, with the exception of the Lifetime Achievement and Critics Choice awards, went to people who would not deserve it if they were the last musical acts on Earth. Therefore, my awards are still very much warranted.

I have decided to give the awards only based on music released for the first time in 2008. That means if it had previously been released in another country, it’s not eligible. However, if an act released brilliant singles in 2008 which had only been released as album tracks in previous years, then that’s OK. That basically means Robyn and September are out, but Private are in. The main reason for this is to give acts other than the usual favourites a chance, and highlight those who made 2008 exciting, rather than those who make every year exciting. All acts will be judged only on what they released in 2008, so if you see someone at a surprisingly low number (e.g. Alphabeat, whose only brand new single was What Is Happening, September only Because I Love You) that is because whatever they put out as brand new releases in 2008 was not their best work. Anyway, let’s get on with the show!

Best male:

1. Darin
2. Taio Cruz
3. David Archuleta
4. Ola
5. Gavin Degraw

Best female:

1. Lady Gaga
2. Agnes
3. Jordin Sparks
4. Amy Diamond
5. Rihanna

Best group:

1. BWO
2. Private
3. Girls Aloud
4. Hello Saferide
5. Alcazar

Ones to watch: (Those who had released nothing by the end of 2008 – reality show singles do not count)

1. Pixie
2. Kevin Borg
3. Alice Svensson
4. Kesha
5. Alexandra Burke

Best new act:

1. Lady Gaga
2. The Saturdays
3. David Archuleta
4. Carolina Liar
5. Yelle

Best UK act:

1. Girls Aloud
2. Same Difference
3. The Saturdays
4. Taio Cruz
5. Leona Lewis

Best European (non-UK) act:

1. BWO
2. Private
3. Darin
4. Agnes
5. Amy Diamond

Best non-European act:

1. Lady Gaga
2. David Archuleta
3. Jordin Sparks
4. Carolina Liar
5. Ladyhawke

Best film/TV pop thing:

1. High School Musical 3
2. Idol – Kevin Borg & Alice Svensson
3. David Archuleta
4. Britannia High
5. X Factor – Alexandra Burke & JLS

Best album:

1. Lady Gaga
2. Girls Aloud
3. Same Difference
4. Hello Saferide
5. Taio Cruz

Best r’n’b-pop single:

1. Lady Gaga ft. Colby O’Donis & Akon – Just Dance
2. David Archuleta – Crush
3. Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown – No Air
4. Darin ft. Kat DeLuna – Breathing Your Love
5. Leona Lewis – Better In Time

Best dance-pop single:

1. BWO – Lay Your Love On Me
2. Jordin Sparks – Tattoo (Jason Nevins Radio Edit)
3. Agnes Carlsson – On and On
4. Rihanna – Disturbia
5. Private – We Got Some Breaking Up To Do

Best indie-pop single:

1. Tilly And The Wall – Beat Control
2. Montt Mardié – Names Not Forgotten
3. Hello Saferide – Anna
4. Keane – Spiralling
5. Maia Hirasawa – The Worrying Kind

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