Future Stars: The Chainsmokers (Dim Mak Records)

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Here comes the first big novelty single of 2014, and of course it’s ridiculous and brilliant. #Selfie by American DJ duo The Chainsmokers takes me back to the late ‘90s (the one hit wonder heyday) in its shameless capitalisation on a current fad. Remember when every trend had a song, from yo-yos to saying “wazzup”? #Selfie not only brings back this concept, but matches it with a current musical fad (EDM). The reason I love it is because it’s a camp, bitchy spoken word track which reminds me of two of my favourite songs ever: Travel Girl and Boring Bitches. The male (or pitched down) sections even have a hint of Scissor Sisters. I’ll just ignore the fact the backing music rips off PSY.


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