Future Stars: The Bomb Digz (Unsigned)

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Last month I introduced you to Citizen Four, the new US boyband formed by Island Records. They may have some competition from a younger group who have been working hard without a label, and have already built the foundations of a very strong following through social media and live shows. Citizen Four might be slick, but you realise what they’re lacking when you see the chemistry and character of The Bomb Digz. Even their names set them apart – Citizen Four sounds like it was chosen in a marketing meeting, while The Bomb Digz just sounds like a joke that stuck. Their homemade YouTube videos with mum’s curtains in the background and interviews on office chairs feel way more authentic than Citizen Four’s slick output. Even the fact that two of the members are called Devin and Kevin makes me smile (sadly the other one’s not called Jevin). Sometimes they’re a bit too serious for my liking, covering acts like Drake and Desiigner, but in their Musical.ly videos you get their true spirit, and really see their potential.


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