Future Stars: The Avener (96 Musique/Capitol)

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The Avener is Tristan Casara, a 27-year-old French DJ and music producer who has followed in the footsteps of Germany’s Robin Schulz in turning a little-known indie song into a dance hit. His single Fade Out Lines is a dance version of a 2011 track by Phoebe Kildeer and the Short Straws, which was released as a single in 2013. You might recognise Phoebe’s voice as she also sings with the French covers band Nouvelle Vague. The Avener’s version has over 5 million YouTube views and has been no.1 in Germany and Austria, and top 5 in four other European countries. Currently in the top 10 of the Shazam worldwide chart, it’s sure to achieve the same success across the rest of Europe, and has a good chance in the UK. It’s set for release here in February, allowing plenty of time to build up a buzz and become one of the first big hits of 2015.


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