The 7th Most Poptastic Single of 2007

BWO – Chariots Of Fire

Released: 4th June
Trivia: This was the first single BWO released in the UK, and next apparently is Sunshine In The Rain. Both have been very popular on The Box but that’s about the extent of their UK success, unless you count my triumphant conversion of my best friend to the cause simply by taking him into a Swedish music shop. He was immediately drawn to the beautiful BWO poster, grabbed the headphones by the CD (which had just come out), and moments later he was joining me in crowning them Sweden’s finest. And that’s why he’s my best friend!
Best bits: 1. Ohh-oh chariots of fire, higher and higher ascending above
2. It’s a brand new day, things will go my way, every night I pray, every time I say
3. Worlds colliding, we keep on riding

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