The 5th Most Poptastic Single of 2007

Margaret Berger – Will You Remember Me Tomorrow

Released: January
Trivia: I like the video for this, but the song is too special for a normal dance-pop video and Margaret is too special for normal dance routines. But I guess a song as special as this is rather hard to come up with a suitable video for. Margaret seems adorable throughout, but when she’s doing the point in a circle dance move you can see her heart’s not in it. I love point in a circle but only when the pointer is stupid enough to think it’s an original and meaningful piece of choreography, or knows it isn’t and camps it up anyway. Still I can’t seem to stop watching it – there’s something so engaging about an outwardly cheesy song sung so earnestly, and something quite ethereal about Margaret, now she’s blonde, which perfectly fits her musical persona.
Best bits: 1. Kissing in the dark of night, never wanna say good night, oooh baby
2. Time goes by (it goes by), and you don’t know what you should know
3. Deep inside you always were my sweetheart, but I never thought you’d taste so sweet

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