Song of the Week: Teddybears ft. Baby Trish – What’s Your Problem?

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It has never really made sense to me that Teddybears aren’t a big international act. The Swedish group have been together for 24 years and yet they still sound as cool and fresh as any new act. They peaked in the mid-‘00s with creative, eclectic gems such as Hiphopper, Yours To Keep, Hey Boy and Cobrastyle. It shows how closed off the UK and USA were to European music at the time that these tracks, which should have been surefire hits, all missed the charts completely. Teddybears’ success in Sweden led to band member Klas Åhlund working with Robyn on the now-classic Robyn album, and then with Britney, Kylie, Katy Perry and many more. This year they’ll release their first album since 2010, led by new single What's Your Problem?. It’s typically strange, but still a great and very cool pop song. It's the Teddybears' answer to current acts like Diplo. Vocals come from 12-year-old Jamaican girl Baby Trish, who shone on stage at last month’s Swedish Grammi awards, where the new single premiered.


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