The 2nd Most Poptastic Single of 2015: Susanne Sundfør – Delirious

Released: 12th January
Writer: Susanne Sundfør
Trivia: Whenever anyone has asked me for a music recommendation in 2015, regardless of their personal tastes, I’ve told them to listen to Susanne Sundfør’s album, Ten Love Songs. I’m yet to hear of anyone who heard the album and didn’t become immediately obsessed, and Delirious is the song that best showcases its brilliance. It’s dramatic, theatrical, orchestral, unusual, and yet still as poptastic as anything the world’s top pop writers could come up with. And even more impressive, Delirious was written and produced by Susanne on her own. I hope that she will become more well-known in the future, and inspire many other female artists to write and produce their own music, and have confidence in their creative vision. The results could be spectactular.
Best bits: 1. “I told you not to come, my victim number one”
2. “You say that I’m delirious, but I’m not the one holding the gun”
3. “I hope you got a safety net, ‘cos I’m gonna push you over the edge”


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