Sunday Night Quiz: Did that really happen??

There have been some bizarre pop collaborations over the years. Do you know which of these really happened, and which are totally made up?

  1. Victoria Beckham and Jay-Z
  2. Destiny’s Child and Matthew Marsden
  3. Ironik and Elton John
  4. Lulu and 911
  5. Girls Generation and Snoop Dogg
  6. N-Dubz and Paul Weller
  7. Brian Wilson, Emma Bunton and Atomic Kitten
  8. Blue and Stevie Wonder

Leave your answers in the comments box below. The truth will be revealed next Sunday!

And here are the answers from last week: 1. Jessie J ft. David Guetta – Laserlight, 2. The Saturdays – 30 Days, 3. Kylie – Timebomb, 4. David Guetta ft. Sia – Titanium, 5. Coldplay ft. Rihanna – Princess of China, 6. Nicki Minaj – Starships, 7. D’Banj – Oliver Twist, 8. Paloma Faith – Picking Up The Pieces. Well done to Dave who got them all right – impressive!


  1. I know Blue & Elton (Sorry seems to be the hardest word)
    And DC & Matthew Morrison.

    Lulu & 911 I imagine not, she duetted with Take That.

    Snoop has had some awful collaborations so I imagine his one is real!

  2. 1. Not that I know of….I do remember reading that Beyonce was in one of Beckham's dresses while back.
    2. Definitely true – for some reason I actually have this mp3 from the Napster days
    3. True – who hasn't Elton collaborated with at this point? lol
    4. I'm guessing false, but that is just a guess
    5. True – an odd pair to be sure
    6. False
    7. True – back in early 2000s they did “Good Vibrations” I think
    8. True? again…guessing here.

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