Song of the Week: Suite 16 – I Don’t Think So

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While British boybands may be clamouring to grow up fast and be taken seriously, their Scandinavian equivalents are going in the opposite direction. The Fooo Conspiracy (think *N Sync-meets-Jedward) are huge in Sweden, and Norwegian teens are obsessed with a five-piece called Suite 16. Their new single and video for I Don't Think So couldn’t be more sweet and innocent, and it’s so unoriginal it verges on parody, but it’s really heartening to see a pop group without the cynicism. The boys might be secretly hating themselves (most likely the one in the Ramones t-shirt) but they mask it very well, and I’m sure they understand that it’s their job to do so. There’s plenty of music out there for those looking for something deep and meaningful, but the point of pop is to be fun and uplifting, and I Don't Think So achieves that effortlessly. Only The Young could learn a lot from these guys.


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