Stars of 2017: Harry Styles


When compiling my top 10 Stars of 2017, I originally planned to include Liam Payne and Niall Horan. In last year’s poll, Zayn was one of the most popular choices, and of the remaining 1D members, those two seem most ready to launch. Niall has already released a single, and Liam is posting regularly about his recording sessions on social media. However, we all know that anything they release will simply be filler until the main event, when we finally get to meet solo Harry Styles.

Harry may have kept tight-lipped about his solo plans, and allowed us to think he’ll be focusing on acting for now, but that $80 million three album deal he reportedly signed won’t wait forever. I believe we will have a Harry single by the end of 2017, and perhaps an album too. A starring role in the new film by a respected director is the perfect pre-release promo for a classy, carefully constructed debut.

As for his sound and positioning, ever since Harry grew his hair long and started wearing blazers made from soft furnishings, I’ve been hoping he’s modelling himself after BØRNS. A classic singer-songwriter sound would suit his voice, feel like a natural yet not too obvious progression from the later 1D albums, and broaden his appeal enough to start making back that hefty advance.

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