Stars of 2016: Dua Lipa


When I first heard about Dua Lipa, on the release of her debut single New Love in August, I’ll admit I didn’t see a bright future for her. A pretty girl with a pleasant song… so far, so Sunday Girl. But since then, she’s grown into one of the most promising pop prospects for 2016.

Dua’s new single Be The One is a catchy electro-pop number which has become a viral hit on Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify. She’s had support from all the appropriate press and media, from The Fader to Radio 1, and she features in the BBC Sound of 2016 longlist. This week she announced her first UK tour, in addition to her already-sold-out London gig. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing her at Eurosonic festival in January. Warner Bros, a label that last dabbled in pop with Stooshe, have stepped up their game, with the help of Dua’s management, known for developing and managing Lana Del Rey.


Dua was born in London to Albanian/Kosovan parents, and studied at the Sylvia Young Theatre School. She worked as a model before her music career fell into place, and her cool style and exotic look will be a strength in terms of fashion press and branding. However, this also means she’ll need to make more of an effort than some of her pop rivals to seem relatable and approachable. I think she’s doing a good job so far, with a friendly tone on social media and a fun, youthful vibe in her videos and photo shoots. Musically, Be The One is a big step forward, but her breakthrough success will ultimately depend on whether she can step up again and find a commercial crossover hit, like Years and Years brilliantly did in 2015. Basically, Dua needs a King.

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