Future Stars: SOHN (4AD)

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Electro-soul singer/producer SOHN (real name Toph Taylor) is touted as one of the big new acts of 2014, but actually he has been around since 2005 under the name Trouble Over Tokyo. Although Toph is from London, as Trouble Over Tokyo he was more popular in Europe, so moved to Vienna. Since he became SOHN in 2012 and shed the cheesy styling, he has gained worldwide acclaim not just for his own music but also producing tracks for Erik Hassle (new single Pathetic) and Banks (the beautiful Waiting Game). After signing to 4AD in 2013, SOHN is now preparing to release his debut album Tremors in April. His new single Artifice premiered on Radio 1 last week, and I find it much more accessible than acts like James Blake because of his warm, poppy vocals.


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