Future Stars: Snakehips (Columbia)

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British DJ duo Snakehips may still be an underground act here in the UK, but they are speeding towards an international hit with new single All My Friends. The track, which features US stars Tinashe and Chance the Rapper (both featured here early in their careers), has eclipsed the popularity of their previous releases after less than a month online. It has been riding high on Spotify’s Global, UK and US Viral charts, with over 5 million plays. The success is clearly down to the catchy-yet-depressing chorus, contributed by British songwriter Cass Lowe, which feels like an answer to Rihanna’s Cheers (Drink To That) or a different take on Alessia Cara’s Here. Although she’s well-known among R&B fans, this could be Tinashe’s chance to break through to a mainstream audience in the UK, with her first top 40 hit and potentially her first top 10. As for Oliver Lee and James Carter, aka Snakehips, their previous best achievement was topping the Hype Machine chart with remixes of other artists such as Banks and The Weeknd. All My Friends is their chance to conquer the UK Official Chart and US Billboard Chart with a song they can be proud to call their own.


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