Future Stars: Slaves (Virgin EMI)

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Male rock vocals are among my least favourite noises, but I’ve featured some strong female-fronted rock acts recently, so I guess I should give the boys a chance. Equal opportunities etc. Slaves come up second when you Google “slaves,” just behind the Wikipedia page for slavery, so they’re obviously doing quite well. However, a YouTube search was more confusing. I was about to mock their fake American accents until I realised this is another rock band called Slaves. I assume we can expect the British Slaves to rename themselves Slaves X or Little Slaves any day now. Anyway, Slaves UK, who in fact seem very proud of their British accents, are a smartly-dressed yet shouty duo whose music is apparently rockabilly-meets-grunge. But the act they sound most like to me is (an angry male version of) Shampoo. Can’t you just imagine Shampoo having a song called Where’s Your Car Debbie?


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