Song of the Week: Sing Street – Drive it Like You Stole It

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Even if you’re a fan of musicals, you might not have heard of Sing Street, as it has pretty much flown under the radar. The Irish film was released in cinemas earlier this year, written and directed by John Carney (the man behind Once and Begin Again). It’s very low key and simple, quite the opposite of musicals like Grease and Hairspray, but it’s fun and charming in its own way. The story focuses on a teenage boy who starts a band to impress a girl, and I loved how throughout the film they changed their look and sound to reflect different trends, inspired by various bands of the time. It was a nice way to symbolise how teenagers try on lots of different identities before settling on their own. The songs overall are pretty good, but there was one which particularly stood out, the catchy upbeat number Drive It Like You Stole It. I’m sure this wasn’t the intention at all, but the song combined with the video really give me flashbacks to A1’s Ready or Not (that’s a good thing). It also sounds like my favourite Stevie Wonder song Part Time Lover.

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