Future Stars: Saveus (Copenhagen Records/Polydor)

As seen at Eurosonic Festival – click here to find out more.

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Like Rationale, Saveus also has a history in pop under another name. In 2008, at age 15, Martin Hedegaard won the first series of The X Factor in Denmark. He had a no.1 album and two no.1 singles, but he parted ways with Sony a few months later. Danish music fans may have thought Martin had given up on music, but in fact he was honing his songwriting skills working for other artists, and developing his vocals and artistic identity. Rebranding as Saveus, he made a dramatic return by performing his single Levitate Me at the P3 Guld awards in 2015. Not only were the audience amazed by Martin’s surprise comeback, but also by the brilliant song and unforgettable performance. I was impressed watching the video, but it wasn’t until I saw the performance in person that I truly got how uplifting and atmospheric it is. I wouldn’t say Saveus was my favourite of the artists I saw at Eurosonic overall, but Levitate Me was my favourite moment. The single was a no.1 hit in Denmark, but is yet to chart elsewhere. However, he’s beginning to attract attention internationally and from the enthusiastic response at the festival, I think he’s one to watch.


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