Review: This Must Be Pop Live ft. Oh My!, Luminites and Katie Sky

On Tuesday it was the second ever This Must Be Pop Live and I have to say it was a great success! All three performers put on a brilliant show and everyone was stopping me to tell me how impressed they were with them.

First up was Katie Sky, who performed with her full band in a very cute dress. She sang songs from her debut EP including Paradise and Sweet Sweet Melody, plus a cover of White Nights by Oh Land and a new song she said she hoped would be her next single. I’m looking forward to hearing that one again soon!

Next up were Luminites, who impressed everyone with their unique performance style. Rather than having a drummer or backing track, they have beatboxer R-Tizt! The girls, Steph and Ella, are great pop performers and the other two boys, Corey and JJ, have interesting voices which help give the band their distinct sound. They look great together too!

The final act of the night were Oh My!, who performed Kicking and Screaming, Disconnect, Bad Date and Dirty Dancer, with loads of energy and their usual top notch dance moves. There was almost disaster when the sound cut out during Dirty Dancer, but the whole crowd joined in singing the rest of the song with the girls and in the end it was an amazing pop moment!

Check out more pics from the night on Facebook and watch out for details of the next This Must Be Pop Live coming very soon!

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