Question Time with Taio Cruz

Apologies for my absense, but I’m back briefly with the results of a recent interview I did with the ace electro-r&b-popstar Taio Cruz…

Your new single has a more dance-pop sound, is that the case for your new album as a whole?
Yes, the album takes a more pop, dance and rock turn on this one.

When can we expect the new album to be released? 
Right now it’s scheduled for November but we’re trying to bring it closer to the end of September so you don’t have to wait too long.

How do you feel that current British R&B music compares to what’s coming out of America at the moment? 
It’s always been amazing musically over here. America is definitely taking note of what is happening over here. It’s a beautiful thing.

Have you ever written a song for someone else but liked it so much that you had to keep it for yourself?
Haha, no I’ve definitely written songs that I wanted to keep, but I never hid the song away or anything.

Which of the songs you have written for other artists are you most proud of?
I’m proud of every song I write. My favourite song is always the most recent one haha. So I suppose my newest favourite is Never Leave You for Tinchy and Amelle.

Are you working with any exciting new artists at the moment?
Loads, including JLS, Alexandra Burke, and unfortunately quite a few who I can’t mention cos their projects are so secret!!! 

Which artists were the biggest inspiration for your decision to start a career in music? 
I love Michael Jackson of course, Boys 2 Men, Mariah Carey and other great singers.

You’ve worked with some major artists already, but who would be your ultimate ideal duet partner?
All the talented hotties! Fergie, Gaga, Nicole, Kesha, Cassie. Fun Times!


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