Pipettes Update

First there was Rose, Becki and Julia. Then Julia decided she didn’t want to be a popstar, and in came poptastic Gwenno to replace her. The band became a success, but after only one album, Becki and Rose also decided to leave the band. By this time, they had even outdone the Sugababes, with no original members remaining. Gwenno recruited 2 new members, her sister Annie and a girl called Anna… who left after a few months to be a songwriter. Now they have yet another new member, a fellow Welsh girl called Beth, and you can see the new line-up in all their acetastic jolliness in the new video-blog on their website, http://www.thepipettes.co.uk/ Let’s hope this line-up will last long enough to release the brilliant new songs I heard at their gig last summer.

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